Helen (Sullivan) and Larry McIntyre, c1938

Helen (Sullivan) and Larry McIntyre, c1938
Helen (Sullivan) and Larry McIntyre, c1938

About Lawrence F. McIntyre and Helen M. Sullivan

About Lawrence F. McIntyre and Helen M. Sullivan

Lawrence Francis McIntyre born, January 2, 1913, was named John Francis McIntyre on his birth certificate. But, by the time he was baptized at St. Malachy Church in Chicago on January 19, 1913, his given name was Lawrence. Helen Mae Sullivan, born on March 11, 1914, moved with her parents and older brother to 18 N. Latrobe before she started elementary school. Larry and Helen were married on November 26, 1937 in Chicago Illinois at St. Thomas Aquinas Church. They lived on the westside of Chicago at various addresses, moving back to 18 N. Latrobe c1949 and lived there until 1967 when they moved to the northside of the City. Larry retired from the Weil Pump Company in the 1980s and Helen retired from Home Federal Savings in the 1970s. They were original owners of their condo on Lake Michigan. Larry loved to stand on his balcony overlooking the lake and enjoy the sun. Helen liked the freedom of hoping on a bus to go downtown or a quick walk to the grocery store. She never learned to drive so Larry would often chauffeur her around. When he died in 1995 (February 28) she said she had lost her "best friend." Helen enjoyed her condo on Lake Michigan and was able to live independently until her death on September 29, 2008. For information about Helen Sullivan McIntyre prior to her marriage, go to the Sullivan/Madigan Genealogy Blog. And for information on Lawrence McIntyre prior to the marriage go to the McIntyre/Walsh Genealogy Blog.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Happy 100th Birthday, Mom

Helen May Sullivan McIntyre was born on March 11, 1914.  Today, she would have been 100 years old. Enjoy a photo video of her life.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The First 90 Years

Mom's "The First 90 Years: The Poetry of Helen Sullivan McIntyre" has been accepted for inclusion in the Library of Congress collection.  If you are ever in Washington, DC, stop by the library and take a look at the book.  The call number is: PS3613.C58/F57 2004. I'm thrilled to see it there, it now will be accessible for generations to come.

For one of the first poems written by Helen, click here.

Images courtesy: Elaine Beaudoin

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Christmas, 1970

Even through Helen and Larry McIntyre only had a 900-foot, one-bedroom condo, they managed to invite the entire family over for Christmas in 1970.  Twenty family members joined in the holiday celebrations. This was the last time we would all share Christmas together.

Larry always enjoyed taking videos of family gatherings, but the cameras were not as sophisticated as they are today so the quality is poor, but the memories are very rich.

Included in the video are Helen McIntyre, hostess; Larry, Patti, Cathy, Colleen, and Cara McIntyre; Tom, Elayne, John, Joe and Bill Sullivan; Tom and Margaret Sullivan; Larry and Elaine Watson; Bob Watson; Ruth Rooney; Mary Garrity and Blanche Elliott. Larry McIntyre, Sr., was the camera man!

Video: Larry McIntyre, Sr.

Friday, February 1, 2013

The "Family" at Sears

It must be in the family blood -- two cousins, Joseph R. Sullivan and Catherine T. McIntyre, modeled for Sears Roebuck newspaper advertisements.  The ads appeared nearly three decades apart.

Joe is Helen Sullivan's second cousin once removed and Cathy is Helen's granddaughter.

September 19, 1939, Newspaper Unknown but most likely Chicago Daily News or Sun Times.

Joseph R. Sullivan
Either from Sunday, May 14, 1967 in the Chicago Sun-Times or the Chicago Daily News, Tuesday, May 16, 1967

Catherine T. McIntyre

Joe and Cathy are third cousins, once removed.

1939 Ad, courtesy of Joseph R. Sullivan
1967 Ad, courtesy of Helen M. McIntyre

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy 100th Birthday, Dad

Happy Birthday Dad –

It is hard to believe you were born 100 years ago today.  A lot has happened with the family since you left us in 1995 so I thought I’d take this opportunity to give you a quick update.

You now have six beautiful great granddaughters.  Mom had the opportunity to meet them all, she can tell you about each one.  Their mothers have all turned into lovely young women and great moms themselves, each with a kind and loving husband and a fine extended family.  Each granddaughter still lives in the Chicago metropolitan area allowing all of us to get together on holidays or for special events.

Remember how you used to take your three granddaughters down to the beach when they came to visit?  Well the six great granddaughters enjoy the beach as much as their Moms did.   When all of the families were here this past Thanksgiving, a highlight of the visit was a walk along the lake.  Despite the cool temperatures, they spent quite a bit of time trekking through the sand and taking photos of each other with their cell phones.  Perhaps you saw the pictures posted on Facebook?

Your two children have also had a few changes in their lives, both marrying wonderful spouses. 

Do you recall how we all enjoyed Mom making her great pork and beef chop suey with sides of steaming rice, jiggly green Jell-O with cherries and crispy croissants for special occasions?  She left me the recipe for her “Irish” chop suey so I might just make up a batch in celebration of your centennial.

Have a great birthday and give Mom a hug from us all.


P.S.: I found this photo in Mom’s album, you can show it to your friends who remember you when!

Larry McIntyre, c1937, Laramie and Washington, Chicago

Monday, March 26, 2012

Helen May Sullivan, Pedigree

Helen May Sullivan's pedigree chart takes her ancestry back to the early 1800s.  All of her known ancestors were born in Ireland.  They came from counties Cavan, Limerick and Wexford to the U.S., specifically Chicago and Evanston, Illinois.  Her ancestors immigrated in the mid-1850s, shortly after the Great Irish Famine.

Click on pedigree image to enlarge.

Source: The Master Genealogy database, Elaine McIntyre Beaudoin, printed February 19, 2012.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Young and In Love, 1937

This photo was taken the summer before Helen and Larry were married.  Although it is not noted, it looks like they might be at North Avenue beach in Chicago.   Doesn't Larry look like someone out of a rock band?  Perhaps one of the New Kids on the Block -- Joey McIntyre??  And, Helen looks like a long-legged model.