Helen (Sullivan) and Larry McIntyre, c1938

Helen (Sullivan) and Larry McIntyre, c1938
Helen (Sullivan) and Larry McIntyre, c1938

About Lawrence F. McIntyre and Helen M. Sullivan

About Lawrence F. McIntyre and Helen M. Sullivan

Lawrence Francis McIntyre born, January 2, 1913, was named John Francis McIntyre on his birth certificate. But, by the time he was baptized at St. Malachy Church in Chicago on January 19, 1913, his given name was Lawrence. Helen Mae Sullivan, born on March 11, 1914, moved with her parents and older brother to 18 N. Latrobe before she started elementary school. Larry and Helen were married on November 26, 1937 in Chicago Illinois at St. Thomas Aquinas Church. They lived on the westside of Chicago at various addresses, moving back to 18 N. Latrobe c1949 and lived there until 1967 when they moved to the northside of the City. Larry retired from the Weil Pump Company in the 1980s and Helen retired from Home Federal Savings in the 1970s. They were original owners of their condo on Lake Michigan. Larry loved to stand on his balcony overlooking the lake and enjoy the sun. Helen liked the freedom of hoping on a bus to go downtown or a quick walk to the grocery store. She never learned to drive so Larry would often chauffeur her around. When he died in 1995 (February 28) she said she had lost her "best friend." Helen enjoyed her condo on Lake Michigan and was able to live independently until her death on September 29, 2008. For information about Helen Sullivan McIntyre prior to her marriage, go to the Sullivan/Madigan Genealogy Blog. And for information on Lawrence McIntyre prior to the marriage go to the McIntyre/Walsh Genealogy Blog.

Friday, February 1, 2013

The "Family" at Sears

It must be in the family blood -- two cousins, Joseph R. Sullivan and Catherine T. McIntyre, modeled for Sears Roebuck newspaper advertisements.  The ads appeared nearly three decades apart.

Joe is Helen Sullivan's second cousin once removed and Cathy is Helen's granddaughter.

September 19, 1939, Newspaper Unknown but most likely Chicago Daily News or Sun Times.

Joseph R. Sullivan
Either from Sunday, May 14, 1967 in the Chicago Sun-Times or the Chicago Daily News, Tuesday, May 16, 1967

Catherine T. McIntyre

Joe and Cathy are third cousins, once removed.

1939 Ad, courtesy of Joseph R. Sullivan
1967 Ad, courtesy of Helen M. McIntyre